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Supplier Relationship

Supplier Relationship

At Precision Bearings Pvt Ltd, we believe that our suppliers play a very important role in the progress of our company. For us the term “suppliers” means partners in development and growth. We protect the interest and dealings with our suppliers. The following is the list of general products & services that we require.

  • SAE-52100 Round Bars-300mt to 400mt per month
  • SAE-52100 Pipes 50mt to 60mt per month
  • Taper, Spherical, Cylindrical Rollers
  • Steel balls
  • Steel, Brass, Polyamide Cages
  • Hot &Cold forging for bearing races
  • Spherodised annealing for races
  • Heat Treatment for bearing races

Head Start for Suppliers
Consistency in quality is the pre requirement for any supply.
Delivery of products should be 99.9% on time
Right service and timely communication is very important.
Arrangement of samples.
Having strong team for research and development